Visiting Nepal


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Nepal is known for possessing eight of the world’s ten highest mountains, including the incomparable Mount Everest, the loftiest of them all. This small Himalayan country, surrounded by India and Bhutan, is stunningly beautiful, with some of the planet’s most picturesque mountain scenery – trekking and climbing are of course extremely popular.


There are many different ethnic groups in Nepal, but broadly speaking, the culture is similar to those in neighboring Tibet and India. The religion of most Nepali people is a combination of Hinduism and Buddhism. The very subtle line between these two faiths in Nepal is unique among the world’s religious practices. Cricket and soccer are the most popular sports, most marriages are arranged and rice and dal are the main dietary staples. The dominant culture in Kathmandu, the capital city, is Newari, known for its masked folk dances and colorful festivals.

We bring alive the ancient heritage and some of the most beautiful sites as you luxuriate in the magnificence of a signature journey planned especially for you.

We can design and execute a completely personalized and memorable Nepal experience for you based on your interests and imaginations.

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